Welsman Solutions specialise in supplying and the installation of Vehicle Generators and innovative on board power systems in Essex, Colchester, London,

Service and recreational vehicles are requiring the power to be independent more and more, due to an increase in tools, equipment and electrical devices on board.
Equipment needs to be reliable, compact and sophisticated.

Whether your requirements are for a one-off inverter or battery charger or a fully integrated system tailored to your needs, we can offer a solution for your on-board energy requirements.

Go Lithium

The latest lithium-ion technology.
Lithium battery systems provide a significant improvement on existing power technologies in a number of ways.
Lightweight, increased amount of energy for consumption, faster charging and six times the life span compared to traditional AGM lead batteries.

More than a battery...

Highly efficient compact power supply unit.
With our all in one lithium battery based power system, you can access 230V and 12V anywhere.
Compact, lightweight, eco friendly power allowing you to operate almost anywhere, offering greater flexibility, and giving you the power to be independent.

Our simple, innovative solutions work by harvesting un-captured energy form your vehicles alternator and transform it into usable, carbon saving power.
The power solutions are used with great success within a wide range of applications, including automotive, maritime and military.

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