Hackney Council required a power install to their Civil Protection Unit.

Ws carried out an install of a Kussmaul Auto-Eject system.
The Kussmaul Auto-Eject is a power input connector designed to be mounted in the side of a vehicle to permit connecting 120 Volt AC shoreline. 
The Auto-Eject comes with a weatherproof cover and is spring loaded to close, preventing water from entering when the shoreline is not connected.
The plug ejects from the vehicle when the engine is started.

Also installed was a Victron energy blue power charger and a Victron isolation transformer. The isolation transformer ensures that, irrespective of any Earth or Neutral/Earth bond made (or not made) within the building, the vehicle’s electrical supply is completely independent from any building it may be connected to and that the vehicle’s earth will be for the vehicle only. There is no direct physical connection to the building’s electrical supply as the isolation transformer completely isolates this through its input and output windings. 

To complement the new power system the vehicle was fitted with blue light graphics.

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